decrease body weight by ayurvedic

We have to drink water after one and a half hours after eating, remember that we have to drink water after one and a half hours. But how to drink water is a matter of great importance. How do you drink water just like normal, a glass of water filled in the mouth, drank in one go, the glass finished in one go. Some people open their mouths, and open them and drop them from above. And the water keeps on stirring these two ways is very wrong.

If you are drinking water continuously, then there are definitely three diseases in your body, first Appendicitis, second hernia (intestinal discharge) and third Hydrocele. This hernia comes to those people who drink water only once in the entire gut, and the hydrocele that comes after some age, especially in men. Hernia also comes in mothers but this hydrocele is a male disease. These three diseases are sure to come to those people who smash the whole lotus or glass of water together.
This means that it is not good to drink the gut water together, then the question will be coming in your mind that how to drink the water. So we will tell you the method told by brother Rajiv Dixit. Which is the best rule to drink water. In Ayurveda, the right way to drink water is described as the way you drink tea, the way you drink coffee and the way you drink hot milk. Have to sip and drink. Took a sip, then a second sip after a while then a third sip is to be taken after a while. If you are drinking water after sipping, then I am ready to give you as much as you want by writing on stamp paper that whatever person will drink water in life, Ayurveda guarantees that it can never be fat in life. The weight of that person will never increase. As much weight as it should be, if you are drinking water after drinking, then it will remain the same weight throughout life.
You can ask the opposite question if you have gained weight, then you should not worry at all. If you sip and drink water, in 6 to 7 months you will lose 10 kg weight. This is obesity, it has come slowly, it has not come to a standstill. So it will decrease gradually. This is the law of nature. If you lose weight by going to the contrary, it will be reduced once, but as soon as you leave that thing, more obesity will come.

Now a question will come in your mind that if you lose more weight by drinking water like this? Don’t worry about it at all, the more it is increased, the more it will decrease. Will be stable after reduction. Always drink water after sipping. The other benefit of this will be that from now on you will see from tomorrow, if you put your habit of drinking water after sipping, then it is a knee pain, this 7 days continuous drinking will eliminate 25%. In the same way, if you have AD pain, or a pan of joint, it will be 100% finished in 7 days.

The pan that you have in the joint, it will be reduced by 25 to 30% in 7 days, and those who have headaches as soon as they wake up in the morning, will disappear in three days. The first formula was not to drink water after eating food, drink it after one and a half hours. And if you want to drink something, then you have to drink juice in the morning, drink lassi or buttermilk in the afternoon, drink milk at night and the second formula is that water should always be sip a little

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