kidney stone treatment

First of all avoid some!

Friends, whoever has stones in their body, they should never be chosen! (Many people eat it after drinking it)
Because the main reason for stones is high amount of calcium in your body. Meaning those who have stones in their body have more calcium than needed in their body, but they are not digested in the body, that is different. That’s why you stop eating the food.

Ayurvedic treatment!

There is a plant named Pakhanbed! Some people say it is too Pthrct ! Boil 10 of its leaves in a glass of dead water and make a decoction. Complete stones are finished in just 7 to 15 days !! And many times it would be over too quickly !!! You can also eat 3 leaves directly 3 times a day!
Homeopathy Treatment!

Homeopathy is now a medicine! You will find it at any homeopathic shop, its name is BERBERIS VULGARIS, write it in front of the drug MOTHER TINCHER! This is its potential.
He will understand the shopkeeper. Get this medicine from the homeopathy shop. (Swadeshi company has good effect of SBL)

(This BERBERIS VULGARIS drug is also made from the plant named Patharchat. The only difference is that they are in dilutions form. The botanical name of Patharchat plant is BERBERIS VULGARIS)

Now add 10-15 drops of this medicine in one fourth (1/4) cup of quality water four times a day (morning, afternoon, evening and night). Four times at most and at least three times. It has to be taken continuously for one to one and a half months, sometimes it takes two months.

It is also a stone to win, wherever it is in the ballbladder gall bladder or in the kidney, or in the vicinity of the unidirectional, or in the foreskin. He melts all the stones and removes them.

In 99% of the cases, everything is broken in one and a half to two months, sometimes it may happen, it may take up to three months, then you get sonography done after two months, you will know how much is broken and how much is left | If left, take a few more days. This is not a side effect of the medicine.

And this medicine also cures gallbladder stones! Which modern doctors call Pit Cancer!

This happened when the stone broke out and now it does not happen again in future ??? Because many people have stones again and again. Once the stone has been broken, it should never come again.

Another homeopathy medicine for this is CHINA 1000.
Put two drops on the tongue directly on the same day in the morning and afternoon and evening of this medicine of the effervescent form. Take only three times in a day and then in future, no stone will be formed.

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