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Not solely in China however conjointly in India, corona virus infections also are increasing quickly. To avoid this, doctors instruct individuals to not recognize in crowded  places. additionally, it’s suggested that you simply wear a mask and clean your hands with hand sanitizer whenever you withdraw. However, thanks to this virus, hand sanitizer not solely becomes costly, however conjointly destroyed. during this case, you’ll be able to create alcohol disinfectant reception rather than shopping for it from the market, that is like shopping for disinfectant from the market.


•Aloe Vera Gel

•Rose water

• Vodka

• Tea tree oil-3 drops

•Lavender oil-4 drops

• Sweet H bottle

Production technique

Accepted within the half. Fill the bottle with Aloe vera gel. currently add perfume and dilute the Aloe vera gel slightly. currently combine some booze, five drops of tea tree oil and 6-7 drops of lavender oil. shut the bottle and shake it well to combine everything along. Your hand sanitizer is prepared.

Why this disinfectant is useful

The tea tree and lavender oil within the flavour disinfectant area unit testers for eliminating microorganism and viruses. At a similar time, the Aloe vera gel doesn’t dry hands. The hands won’t dry the least bit once applied. you’ll be able to conjointly place it in your pocket or purse. It may also create the hands terribly soft and odorous.

Soap is best than disinfectant

Although it’s suggested to use disinfectants to avoid corona, consistent with analysis, soap is best.

Why is soap better?

-The use of soap cannot effectively take away the virus, and also the use of disinfectants cannot guarantee the death of the virus.

-Soapy water is completely completely different and contains substances like fat. they’re a lot of capable of fighting the virus.

-Soap may also act as a layer between the hand skin and also the virus.

-If the skin on your hands is dry, please wash your hands properly with soap to fully eliminate the danger of the virus.

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