remove ear wax at home follow by Ayurveda

Ear wax removing treatment by Ayurveda.

1. Salt water

This is one of the easiest earwax removal solutions that can be done at home. It helps to soften the earwax accumulated inside, making it easier to remove.

1. Mix a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water until the salt is completely dissolved.

2. Dip the cotton ball into the solution.

3. Tilt the diseased ear up, and then squeeze a cotton ball to drop a few drops of the solution into the ear.

4. Maintain this position for three to five minutes.

5. Then, tilt your head in the opposite direction to allow the salt water to drain.

6. Use a clean cloth to wipe the soft wax to clean the outside of the ear.

2. Engine oil

1. Heat some olive oil, mustard oil or sesame oil slightly.

2. Use a dropper to put three to four drops of warm oil into the ear.

3. Let stand for 10 minutes to soften the earwax.

4. Tilt the head sideways and wipe off the grease with a cotton ball.

3. Warm water

Rinsing your ears with warm water can help reduce excess earwax. Hot water has a gentle force, which can remove wax dirt and make the removal process easier. Only clean and filtered water can be used for this remedy.

1. Fill the rubber bulb syringe with body temperature water.

2. Lift your head and pull the outer ear to straighten the ear canal.

3. Use a syringe to pour water into the ear canal.

4. Let it stand for one minute, then tilt your head to the other side to drain.

5. Wipe off excess water and earwax with a clean cloth.

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