Ear pain and its treatment by ayurvedic or Ayurveda

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Ear pain reasons

Ear pain is not just a cause. There are many reasons behind this-

• If a cold persists for more than a few days, Ear pain may occur.

• Ear pain may be caused by a ruptured ear curtain or a hole in the ear curtain. There may be many reasons, such as placing an object in the ear, severe head injury, loud sound, and middle ear infection.

• Otitis media is a common cause of Ear pain in children. This is an infection of the middle ear. It can cause severe ear pain. Other symptoms include high fever, persistent Ear pain, and hearing difficulties.

• Ear pain is caused by accumulation of moisture or wax in the ear.

• The most common cause of ear pain in children is infection or cold, or cleaning the ear with a sharp object can cause pain.

•Usually, soap or shampoo left in the ears during bathing can cause ear pain.

• Frequently experience ear barotrauma during skydiving, scuba diving or airplane flight, such as the difference between atmospheric pressure and ear pressure when the airplane is landing, resulting in a vacuum in the middle ear, which compresses the ear curtain. This is Ear pain. The main cause of barotrauma is sudden changes in ear pressure. Other causes are throat swelling, nasal congestion, and allergic infections. In the case of barotrauma, Ear pain and fullness of the ear.

• Eruption of the eardrum is also the main cause of Ear pain. Damage to this sensitive area for any reason can cause ear pain. Ear curtains are caused by pens, safety pins or any other sharp objects inserted into the ears, severe head injuries, and loud noises.

• Ear pain caused by scratching the ear.

• Sinusitis may also cause ear pain. Sinuses are air-filled spaces found in our forehead, nasal bones, cheeks and scalp behind our eyes. Healthy sinuses can flow, but because the mucus in the sinuses is blocked, there is an infection and the sinuses are inflamed. As a result, Ear pains began to appear.

• Ear pain due to bacterial infection in the teeth. Due to cavities or infections on the teeth, this infection can sometimes spread to the bones that support the teeth, causing severe pain.

• Ear pain due to swelling of the jaw.

• Acne on the ear can cause ear pain.

• Ear pain is caused by any foreign objects or insects entering.

 Ways to avoid Ear pain

Ear pain is a common problem. But the possibility of this happening can be reduced to a certain extent. Let’s see it once.

• Sinuses or colds are also causes of Ear pain, so people with Ear pain should not eat cold things.

• Don’t eat too little.

•Never eat junk food and stale food.

• Avoid getting water or soap in your ears when bathing.

• Do not use any sharp or pointed objects to clean your ears.

• Pranayama and Yoga San should be performed regularly.

• Avoid excessive loudness.

Garlic buds are good for Ear pain

The juices of garlic sprouts, ginger, chicken thigh seeds, radish and banana leaves are extracted separately or together, and put in the ear while it is hot to cure Ear pain.

• Heat 2-3 chopped garlic sprouts with mustard oil. Cool the oil and sieve. Put 2-3 drops of this oil into your ears for immediate relief.

Onion juice is good for Ear pain

You can use onions for home Ear pain treatment. Warm a teaspoon of onion juice slightly. Put 2-3 drops into the ear to relieve pain. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

Ginger juice is good for Ear pain

• You can use ginger to treat Ear pain. Remove the ginger juice and add 2-3 drops to the ears.

• Grate the ginger and mix it with olive oil, then filter and drip it into 2-3 drops of this oil.

Prevention of Ear pain can benefit from olive oil

If you have Ear pains, use olive oil for home remedies. Put 3-4 drops of olive oil gently on the ears to relieve fatigue.

 Ear pain medicine

Dip the roots of the Ne tree into the India Ne oil and burn it, and then put the oil released directly in the ears. It can cure ear infections and pain.


Grind the fenugreek, mix it with milk and drip into the ears. It is good for ear infections. It treats Ear pain.

Ear pain medicine

If you have Ear pain, you can take home remedies through Piperment. Extract the juice of the fresh leaves on the watercress, and then drop 2-3 drops into the ears. It brings many benefits.

Home remedies for ear pain imprinted neem

Neem is very useful as an Ear pain medicine. Remove the neem leaf juice and put 2-3 drops on the ear. It can relieve infections and Ear pains.

 Basil ear pain medicine

Basil can be used as an Ear pain medicine. Put fresh basil leaf juice into the ears, and the Ear pain can end after 1-2 days.

 Home remedies for mango leaves for ear pain

Mango leaves are also used as ear pain medicine. Grind fresh mango leaves, extract the juice, and then with the help of a dropper, drop 3-4 drops into the ear. It is completed for Ear pain treatment.

Dried banana home remedies for Ear pain

Dried bananas are an Ear pain medicine. Remove the banana stalk juice and put it in your ears before going to bed at night. This will relieve Ear pains until the morning.

Celery ear pain

Celery is a painkiller. Mix celery oil with mustard oil and warm it up. Put it in your ears. It treats Ear pain.

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