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Some people’s kidneys are getting worse, their livers are getting worse, some are paralyzed, some are having a stroke, some are having a heart attack! Overall complications

There are many diabetes.

Diabetes or diabetes is a dangerous disease. The blood sugar level is elevated, which is due to an increase in the patient’s content (low cholesterol in the blood). Among these patients, due to damage to the eyes, kidneys, muscles, brain, and heart, they are at increased risk of serious, complex, and fatal diseases.

Food enters the stomach with a fuel called glucose. It is a kind of sugar. Glucose exists in our blood and reaches millions of cells in the body. The pancreas (pancreas) produces glucose. Insulin also enters the bloodstream and enters the cells.

You must first understand the real cause of diabetes to cure diabetes. When the fat (dirty cholesterol) in the blood increases, the cholesterol in the blood sticks around the cells and in the blood. Cells cannot be reached when exposed to insulin (the amount of insulin is sufficient, but the door cannot be opened, which means that the number of receptors that absorb whole sugar can be reduced)

This insulin is not used in any body, so when we check the sugar level, the sugar level in the body will always increase because it has not yet reached the cell, and when we take insulin from the outside, the insulin is new-if it is The new one then reaches the inside of the cell!

Now you will learn that diabetes is related to cholesterol, not sugar.

When the husband is unable to be with his wife during sexual intercourse or has many problems during sexual intercourse, please understand that people with diabetes will be because men with diabetes have a lot of troubles due to diabetes during sexual intercourse. The problem, in the early days of diabetes, there is a lot of hunger. But appetite gradually decreased. The body began to dry, complaining of constipation. Usually, thirsty, excessive urination, sugar in the urine, and weight loss. When injured anywhere in the body, he will not heal quickly.

So what should we do in this case?

Don’t rely too much on insulin! Because it is worse than insulin-diabetic patients, it has many side effects. Therefore, write down the formula of Ayurvedic medicine.

And definitely use it.

Take 100 grams (Fenugreek seeds), dry in the sun, and then grind to powder on a stone.

Take 100 grams (Bay leaf), dry it in the sun, and then grind it into a powder on a stone.

Take 150 grams (berry kernels), dry them in the sun, and then grind them to powder.

Take 250 grams (bell pepper leaf), dry it in the sun, and grind it into a powder on a stone.

and so

Fenugreek seeds-100g

Bay leaf——- 100g

Berry Kernel-150g


So make all these into powder and mix them with each other! The medicine is just ready.

Take it with hot water for 1 to 1 hour in the morning (on an empty stomach), and then eat with a dead spoon.

Take it continuously for 2 to 3 months. (Take it after waking up in the morning)

Many times, these powders are not obtained directly from people! So what do you do for him?

Heat half a cup of water, add powder and stir well. It will become like syrup! You can drink easily! After that, drink half a cup of hot water alone.

If you do one more thing, it will be the icing on the cake! And the drug will take effect soon. As you know, all diseases of the body are caused by the deterioration of Vata, Pit and Kapha. There are only two diseases in the world, and the levels of these three diseases remain equal.

One is cow urine and the other is Triphala powder.

Now, your English thinking is set! Hearing the name of cow urine, your nose must have risen.

Our compulsion is that if you want to say the importance of cow urine, then we must follow the example of the United States!

Because by studying in the Indian education system made by British Macole, your intelligence has become so

You only believe in the work done in the United States (English). You think these Americans are very smart somewhere, thinking and understanding.

Well, as far as I know, the United States has obtained 6 patents on cow urine. He began to understand its importance. In our scriptures, we have been telling people its importance for millions of years. But hearing the name of cow urine makes our noses rise.

Well, anyone who wants to drink can drink it. Drinking cow urine is very fresh and best. As old as outdoor use, it is best to drink fresh. Be sure to drink the urine of a local cow (the cow has signs of humping on its back)! Do not drink urine for more than 3-4 hours.

Remember, drinking cow urine is not an extract. Have a drink at three in the morning. All diseases disappeared.


Now let’s talk about Triphala powder

Triphala means three fruits

Which three fruits

1) Terminalia chebula

2) Terminalia bellirica

3) Emblica officinalis

Remember one thing, their volume should always be 1:2:3, 1 ratio 2 ratio 3!

All triphala losses on the market are equal to these three amounts, and few diseases should take triphala in equal amounts

Therefore, when you make Triphala powder, please make it in a ratio of 1:2:3

First is Harad 100g, then Baheda 200g, and finally Amla 300g

Mix all three together to make a powder, and use one to one teaspoon of hot water at night

No direct fans! What do you do for him

Heat up half a cup of water, add powder and stir evenly, it will become syrup! You can drink it easily, and only drink half a cup of hot water afterwards.


Never use sugar or even think of sugar-free pills

Eat raw sugar, eat fruit! You can eat sweets made by God

Dinner must be done before sunset, which means don’t eat after sunset

Eat more than fiber, high-fiber low-fat diet, slum oil diet low and high-fiber foods. Vegetables are rich in fiber, should be eaten, peeled, eat more whole grains, fruits, rich in fiber

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