benefits of eating an orange

Benefits of orange and its side effect

Orange is a fruit that we know very well , in the orange we use three part of its :-

1 Peels 2 seeds 3 main part

In this article we trying to cover all three parts benefits and side effect of its.

“ Orange are goods for our skin  , hair and health also ”

According to science and Ayurveda

For skin we can use orange peels powder :-

For making peels power we take out the peels  of orange , make it dry and grind it .

Your orange peels power are ready to use ,

The question come in your mind how to use the peels power and where to use  – right

So i am going to provide you all tips how to use orange peels power for your skin and i also tell you its benefits of uses . so late start point by point use And benefits.

This scrub pack for normal skin people

To make scrub pack :- gram powder ( besan ) , curd ( dahi ) and orange peels powder

                                        ( Mix them all make paste of its and apply to your face and body )

                                        After 20 min wash with normal water , do this twice in the week  not    regularly

Benefits of this scrub pack :- make your skin lighten and give natural glowing skin .

Now the skincare tips for dry skin

Dry skin just add milk cream in it and do all same

Note:- do this at night time.

By doing this scrub you got lots of profits

  • Its make lighten dark spot

Its fight pimple ,blackheads and acne

This scrub is a natural skin toner

Good for anti ageing and make face look refreshing  

( In the above we are talking about orange peels benefits now we are talking rest of things )

Benefits of orange seed

In a orange seed it’s a good resource of antioxidant , by eating this your body and mind are hydrate and fresh , its improve are health overall , by eating this antioxidant is good of heart health.

Orange seed exact oil is good for haircare   

Its oil good for haircare by doing hair massage with this , its make your hair dandruff free and make strong and healthy hair .

( now we are discuss what is the benefits of eating orange ,in different conditions like benefits of eating orange in empty stomach , benefits of eating orange after meal , benefits of eating orange  during pregnancy like this , benefits of eating orange  everyday , benefits of eating oranges at night ,we trying cover all topic one by one )

benefits of eating oranges in empty stomach

Eating orange and guava is dangerous in empty stomach because its produce acid and slow down the digestion .

benefits of eating orange after meal

Its high in vitamin c , its reduced risk of colon cancer.

Its also good in health benefits like make Healthy immune system

Its also good for prevent cold and prevent ear infections.

By  eating daily one orange its also good for anti aging.

Its also maintain blood pressure normal.

Also make blood sugar normal.

Make low risk of cancer

Vitamin c is good for digestion , eat orange after meal ,never eat empty stomach.

Its also good for eyes health.

It’s a good for constipation patient also give relief .

benefits of eating orange  during pregnancy

keep a person hydrated and healthy. Its also help prevent cell damage and assist with iron absorption.

Folate help prevent neural tube defects, which can cause brain and spinal cord abnormalities in a baby.

benefits of eating oranges at night

 Its can help you stay asleep through the night .

After eating orange at night its give you good sleep feeling.

( side effect of eating orange there is only one side effect of eating orange never eat orange an empty stomach )

And the bonus knowledge for diabetic patient ( diabetic patient can use orange as like a suger  its produce good sweet taste ,use orange juice for sweet dishes.

“ In a modern science doctor say eat an apple a day keep doctor away but Indian Ayurveda say eat an orange a day and keep diseases away ”

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