nightfall treatment by Ayurveda ( स्वप्न दोष )

Stop nightfall

Spontaneous obstruction is a common problem among young people. It can be seen in men of all ages of person. There is nothing unusual. However, if you encounter this problem frequently, you need to be vigilant. This not only affects health, but also significantly increases mental stress. Many men are sceptical about how to avoid this self-harm problem. Although there is insufficient evidence to prove that dreaming can cause problems such as fatigue, testicular pain, weak ejaculation and premature ejaculation.

The experts have not yet made the dream cause. However, masturbation and erotic thoughts are believed to be the cause of this situation. It is recommended that many people reduce masturbation to avoid dreaming. Along with this, it is said that some home remedies can control this problem. Natural remedies usually do not cause any adverse effects on your body and are also very effective.

Night fall

Two or three dream defects per month are normal. However, if this problem occurs more than this, there may be a problem.

Early autumn may also be related to nightfall.

In some serious cases, people with autoimmune diseases may experience poor sexual intercourse during intercourse. However, so far, there is no specific information related to this issue. However, most experts believe that the perceptual ideas behind it are responsible.

When orgasm occurs continuously for several days and the penis has no chance to relax, it may be self-inflicted.

How to avoid nightfall

Many experts believe that masturbating before bed can also prevent dreams. However, experts not agree on this subject

Daily exercise can also use physical strength appropriately to avoid nightfall.

Although this technique is mostly rejected by experts, it can also be avoided by ignoring gender and reducing the frequency of masturbation.

In addition, you should also eat appropriate food. You can also avoid this problem by eating a diet rich in vitamin B.

set yours sleeping and wake up time routine

By reading books, listening to music and talking with friends, keep your head calm and keep reading to keep yourself busy.

Night falls in Hindi

Natural ways to avoid dreaming

Eat gooseberry jam every day, and then drink carrot juice on it.

Grate a piece of basil root and drink with water. Will benefit.

If the root is not found, take 2 spoon of seeds at night.

Take 10-12 black basil leaves with water at night.

Crush the two buds of garlic and swallow them. Drink carrot juice later.

Take half spoon powder of liquorice and one spoon powder of mudar bark with milk.

Soak the clover powder in one litre of water at night and drink it in the morning after filtering it with a muslin cloth.

2 teaspoons of ginger juice, 3 teaspoons of onion juice, 2 teaspoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of butter and ghee, mixed with everyone, not only can heal dreams, but also enhance male power.

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